Thermal ip camera temperature recognition fever detection camera remote monitoring CCTV security camera 1080P thermal camera


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  • Brand Name: PEGATAH
  • Type: IP Camera
  • Supported Operating Systems: windows xp
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7
  • Supported Operating Systems: Mac OS
  • Supported Operating Systems: windows 8
  • Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10
  • High Definition: 1080P(Full-HD)
  • Lens (mm): 3.6mm
  • Style: Bullet Camera
  • Connectivity: IP/Network Wireless
  • Installation: Normal
  • Model Number: TB01
  • Camera item: WIFI 1080P Thermal Camera
  • Ip camera: body temperature screening smart camera
  • camera feature1: thermal imager camera
  • camera feature2: built-in battery
  • camera feature3: temperature measurement
  • camera feature4: screening,recording and real-time surveillance video
  • Thermal lens: 5mm
  • Temperature distance: 0.4m-1m
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.3℃
  • Temperature angle: 32 degrees left and right, 32 degrees up and down
  • Lens/ Visual Angle: 3.6mm/100°

Thermal ip camera temperature recognition fever detection camera remote monitoring CCTV security camera 1080P thermal camera

TB01 is an intelligent camera that uses thermal imaging technology and network processing system to perform high-speed temperature
measurement, screening,recording and real-time surveillance video.
It is a complete epidemic prevention solution integrating body temperature screening and pre-warning monitoring.
Built-in warning system, which can realize on-site alarm of body temperature abnormality. Built-in network transmission module, can realize
remote monitoring, remote transmission of temperature measurement results, and push abnormal body temperature information.
Built-in battery, it can work for 8 hours, and can be equipped with support frame for temporary control on site.

Temperature Screening Actions

1. When the device detects someone into the monitored area, voice alerts”Please go to the temperature measuring point for
temperature measurement ”
2. When the body pass the temperature area, within 1 meter distance and 30 degrees of camera,the device will measure the
temperature and determine it in 0.5 seconds
3. According to the temperature data, when temperature is normal, the device indicates that the body temperature is normal and
instantly returns to normal temperature measuring state
4. According to the temperature data, when the body temperature exceeds 37.3℃, the device will immediately enter into the alert
mode, trigger the built-in alarm siren, voice reminding temperature abnormality, and push to the terminal synchronously
5. Each temperature measurement process is completed in 0.5-second sensorless multipoint,the device synchronously displays
the real-time terminal, and synchronously stores the temperature superposition chart, temperature data and temperature
measurement video
6. The temperature data are calculated in real time and displayed synchronously according to daily statistics

Technical Specification

Data Output

Temperature measurement data output and video presentation, which can be output wirelessly through WIFI and AP hotspot or through RJ
network cable. The temperature data is also displayed synchronously on the OLED screen in front of the device, temperature screening results
are synchronized to the device and broadcast by voice. All temperature data and video records are stored on the device’s memory card


1.Stand alone worng
2.Real-time disp;ay
3.Digtal screen projection
4.Remote monitoring


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